Translation of High School Diploma - Teudat Bagrut

Official translation of matriculation certificate (Teudat Bagrut) and Bagrut tests results. Translation of high school diploma from Israel and transcript. Our translations are certified and accepted in the entire United States. We are members of ATA - American Translators Association.

Certified Translation of High School Diploma - Hebrew English

We are BBT Translation Services. We provide official translation services for foreign nationals who are seeking to apply for higher education (Universities and Colleges) in the United States. We offer certified translations of academic records such as Matriculation Certificates, Teudat Bagrut, Bagrut Tests Results, transcripts from foreign countries. One of our specializations is translation from Hebrew into English and Spanish into English.

We can provide rush service and a the translation of a Matriculation Certificate from Hebrew to English can be ready in 24 hours. The translation is done word for word and place in our letterhead. Contact us today to get your Matriculation Certificate professionally translated.

Online Translation of Matriculation Certificates

There is no need to come to our office!

We are an online agency and all our service is provided online - We receive your documents via e-mail or fax (print this cover sheet) and we send you the completed translation via e-mail. If you wish we can mail out the stamped and signed original translations to any USA address free of charge.

Certified Translations