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Professional translation of MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. Certified and Notarized. 24-48 hours service.  BBT is an American agency that offers certified translation of documentation such as Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate and other vital records for immigration, employment, studies and for any purpose. We are members of ATA - American Translators Association.

Translation of marriage Certificates into English

BBT Translation Services provides professional certified and notarized translations of marriage certificates. What is a marriage certificate? A marriage certificate is an important record that documents the marriage and between two parties.

Legally, it is a certified copy of an entry from the official register of population registry. In almost every country, a person's marriage certificate is a crucial proof of his or her marital status that is required in applications for citizenship, driver's license, social welfare benefits, bank accounts, etc.

So, it is recommended that only certified translators are appointed to translate marriage certificates.

What do you get when you order from us a translation of your marriage certificate:

When you order your translation from us you will receive a professionally formatted translation that looks like a mirror image of your Marriage Certificate. The translation is done word for word and is inserted in our letterhead. The translation includes a Certificate of Accuracy signed and stamped. If you need to know more about our professional translation service of marriage certificates, please give us a call to: 407-286-5978 or send us a note and we will be glad to give you more information.

Translation of marriage certificates

Certified Translation

Our translations of marriage Certificates are certified and include a stamp and a signature. The translation is done word for word and is a mirror image of your Marriage Certificate. [+]

Affidavit of Accuracy

When the translation of your marriage Certificate is finished we attach to it an Affidavit of Accuracy attesting to the accuracy of the translation. [+]

Members of ATA

We are members of ATA - American Translators Association and the logo of ATA is included in our letterhead. We are included in the list of registered translators.

We guarantee acceptance

Our official translations of marriage Certificates are done according to the standards required in the USA for a certified translation and we guarantee their acceptance.

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