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Professional Hebrew to English Translation Services in the USA. BBT Translation Services is a professional translation service located in United States which consist of translators experienced and competent to translate documents in many fields and languages such as Hebrew or Spanish. BBT Translation Services is a member of American Translators Association and fully qualified to translate your documents for any purpose.  We guarantee full acceptance of our translations by the USCIS and any other official entity.

 Professional, reliable and certified legal translation of agreements, claims, leases, contracts, wills, certificates, power of attorney, legal forms, etc.

Professional Translation Services

We translate documents for education, translation for immigration, USCIS, translation of Israeli legal documents,  employment, translation of certificates, statements, letters, declarations, translation of birth certificate, and more. We provide free price quotes for the translation of any document, website or software localization project. All translations are done by professional  translators, natives in Hebrew.

Short Faq's about Certified Translations

A certified translation is a translation of a documents that includes a Certificate of Accuracy signed by the translator attesting to the accuracy of the translation, while mentioning his/her credentials and qualifications to translate your document. The Certificate of Accuracy bears our stamps and our signatures. It is placed in our letterhead. Most of the time it is a mirror image of the original document. Some documents are translated word for word.

Yes. Most of our certified translations include a notary signature. The notary signature is from the State of Florida and is accepted in the entire United States, Canada and some European countries.

Yes. We are members of ATA - American Translators Association, the well recognized translators association in the United States.

How to Order a Translation