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BBT Translations is an American translation service that provides translations of legal documents in any language and for any purpose. We translate agreements, leases, agreements, power of attorneys, personal documents for immigration (USCIS), divorce documents, adoption papers. The translations are certified and notarized. We are members of ATA - American Translators Association.

Translation of Agreements from Spanish into English provided by BBT Translations Services

 BBT Translations is an American translation service that provides translation services of legal documents in any language and for any purpose. We specialize in legal translation from Spanish into American English. Our team of legal translators provides legal translation, translation of agreements, translation of bill of sales, translation of power of attorneys, translation of declarations, translation of affidavits. We translate owner agreement, worker agreement, Customer and Vendor/Supplier Agreements work agreements, Sponsored Agreements, Contracts, Equipment Use Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, Facilities Use Agreement, Cooperative Agreements, Data Use Agreement, Consortium Agreement, Clinical Trial Agreement, Unfunded Agreements, Understanding/ Collaboration Agreement, Teaming Agreement, Visitor Agreement, Material Transfer Agreement, purchase / sales agreements and any other legal document.

Our translations are accepted by the courts. We offer certified translation with a notary signature from the State of Florida. This type of certification is accepted in most states in the United States.

If you need more information about BBT Legal Translation Services, or would like to request a quote you can contact us using our contact page or at any time by e-mail at You can call us by phone to 407-286-5978 or send us a fax to 407-479-3148 and print this cover sheet.

About Us

We are located in the USA, and we are members of ATA - American Translators Association. Our legal translations are inserted in our letterhead which bears our logo and the logo of the ATA. The translations are stamped and include a certificate of accuracy, If you need a translation that can stand up to the USA standards for translation you don't have to look any further.

How to Order

We need to get from you the following:

  • The document that you want to translate. We don't need the original.
  • The correct spelling of the names in English as they appear in a passport.
  • The date when the translations are due.
  • Your telephone number and mailing address.

Our translations bear an Affidavit of Accuracy signed by the translator. We do offer notarization on the affidavit.

We are members of the ATA - American Translators Association. The logo of the ATA is inserted in our letterhead. Your translation will be inserted in our letterhead. Any entity that requires a certified translation in the United States accepts our translations. We guarantee acceptance!

We undertake to keep all the information that we learn within the scope of our work with your documents in the outmost confidentiality. If needed we can sign a confidentiality agreement.

Legal Translation

This is just a small sample of our Hebrew - English Translations that we provide. If you don't find your request in the list, contact us. We can translate any document for any purpose. We guarantee acceptance by any other entity that request a Legal Certified Translation of your agreement.