Translation of Academic Records | Certified and Notarized | By BBT Translation Services

Professional translation of Academic Records. We provide translation of diplomas, transcripts, grade sheets, degrees, learning evaluations, completion certificates and other academic records. Our translations are certified and notarized upon request. We are members of ATA - American Translators Association. Rush service available.

Translation of Academic Records - Diplomas, Transcripts, Certificates

BBT Translations is a translation service located in the USA that provides translation services of Academic Records. Our certified translations are done word for word. Here is a short list of the academic records that we translate: diplomas, transcripts, degrees, grade sheets, completion certificates and more.

BBT Translation Services follows the strictest standards for certification. Professional translators attest to the accuracy of all BBT translations, and each page of your translation is sealed to diminish the possibility of fraud. Our translations bear a raised seal on the certification. Read our Faq's to obtain more information about our certified translation service.

Requesting a quote is very easy. Just scan or fax your document and e-mail it to us. We will return to you with a quote within minutes.

Hebrew English Certified translation with an Affidavit of Accuracy

Professional Translation Service

Your order will include the following:

1. You will receive a notarized, balanced, clearly understandable and linguistically correct Hebrew English translation that resembles the style and format of the original document. Documents are returned on 8 1/2" x 11" paper. The certified translation is done in accordance with 8 CFR 103.2(b)(3)

2. A notarized affidavit of the translator's oath regarding the document's completeness, accuracy and his own level of competency. Translations are printed on the BBT Breaking Barriers Translation Services agency letterhead.

3. An agency stamped and signed copy of the source document used in the translation.  We guarantee their acceptance by immigration, universities/colleges, employers.

Hebrew English Translation